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mr larkin


Mr. Larkin is a┬álabel and design community based in Copenhagen and San Francisco, with a US office in Houston. Self described, “We create clothing with a focus on process and origin while always considering the planet and those on it with every piece made…”. Although the launch of their online store has been delayed, a selection of creative and quirky handcrafted pieces are available through their tumblr for the time being. With a curated range of industrial, minimalistic jewelry to playful embroidered animal ear barrettes, I can’t wait to explore the site.

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black, white.

A uniform trued and true











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Monochromatic schemes offer a sense of modern calm, lacking of the intensity of vibrant hues and emotion attached to them. The classic combination of black and white illicit a knowledge of these intensities and emotions while making a choice to be without them. Saturated color instantly makes a statement and has a distinguished visual presence, but simple and structured black and white is an ideal backdrop to add a twist.

the basis

the basis

Cliche, maybe.
A photograph by Helmut Newton of the Yves Saint Laurent “Le Smoking” tuxedo.

Where masculine meets feminine and elegance is redefined by pushing the boundaries.

Style is personal and profound, the communication of an essence captured in the aesthetic we surround ourselves with.

I’m here to share mine.