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3d printed sculptural replica | vincent van goghs sunflowers

3d printed sculptural replica | vincent van goghs sunflowers

In collaboration with MBC, Rob and Nick Carter were able to design and print a three dimensional sculpture of Van Gogh’s iconic sunflowers. Initially having developed a 360 degree digital rendering of the painting, the detail and dimensionality of Van Gogh’s brushwork was applied to the surface of the sculpture. The final piece was printed initially in a resin material, the sculpture was cast in silicon bronze.

The work is currently on display at the fine art society contemporary until November 2nd.

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tao tajima | night stroll

I have a mild fascination with engineered or manipulated imagery, especially if it leaves me wondering how the hell it was made. Tao Tajima’s video Night Stroll does just that. Filmed in his hometown, Tajima recreates the sensations he experiences when he hears music during the lonesome hours of the night in Japan.

cory stevens: kaleidoscopic architecture


By deconstructing and recomposing his photographs of architecture, Canadian photographer Cory Stevens creates these extremely intricate patterns of design. Comprised of photos of windows, buildings, ceilings and walls his images portray extremely detailed depth and exude a mystical and artificial appeal, immediately sparking curiosity.

But mostly, It’s fucking cool.

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the basis

the basis

Cliche, maybe.
A photograph by Helmut Newton of the Yves Saint Laurent “Le Smoking” tuxedo.

Where masculine meets feminine and elegance is redefined by pushing the boundaries.

Style is personal and profound, the communication of an essence captured in the aesthetic we surround ourselves with.

I’m here to share mine.